Vamani Overseas Private Limited (VOPL) has always believed in making its people, assets to the company. We embrace our people as our most valuable asset. VOPL provides a common ground to its diverse workforce to grow, achieve and excel. We understand that through employees, products and services get delivered, and profits and growth are achieved.

In VOPL, we look for young, energetic people who are driven by enthusiasm and creativity. Our fast paced business environment is demanding more leadership role today. Our people in leadership roles play a vital role in getting results out of their teams. We communicate the expectations and get our people involved in an innovative “can do” and problem solving mindset to run the verticals with excellence.

Our culture of truthfulness and respect provides a platform for stakeholders to add value. Listening to and acting upon employee feedback is a key differentiator.


To reach our ambition, we need people with a winning mindset and passion to drive personal and organization's performance. At VOPL, we provide you with growth opportunities at every path step of your career. We believe in providing a multi-faceted exposure across domains and roles that are equipped with a flexibility that allows you to discover your ideal role, and thus helping you achieve your true potential.

If you are interested in learning and growing with us, we invite you to join us at VOPL and create an exciting future. Send us your resume so we can match your profile to our requirements and embark on a mutually fulfilling relationship.



We provide a work environment that nurtures talent and encourages unconventional thinking with deeply rooted below said traditional values: -


Trust plays a vital role in the workplace as it is the key to the interest of employees and the performance of an organization. We at VOPL believe in the feeling that our employees should feel connected to their team and organization not only professionally but personally as well. We make them sense that they have important role in their team and in the organization.


Performance is at the heart of VOPL's work culture. Transparency and uniform practices ensure well-defined goals with clearly outlined expectations. An annual performance appraisal system involving self-assessment, supervisor assessment, potential and value assessment are internal frameworks deployed to cultivate a culture of performance. At VOPL, talent is identified by providing opportunities for career enhancement and leadership development.


Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation for VOPL'S HR policies. VOPL's HR programs are designed and implemented with dedication and persistence.


The VOPL experience offers generous opportunities for you to grow and prosper and motivates employees to perform better by helping them enhance their quality of life.

We offer diverse training programs to its employees according to position to encourage learning and development.

At VOPL we offer you more ways to take advantage of development opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, attractive reward and benefits packages and numerous directions in which to pursue a career, made by you.

“CAUTION” The Company does not charge any recruitment fee from any of the prospective applicants for sending interview calls /appointment letters against any of the vacant positions. The applicants are cautioned to keep away from any unscrupulous people who may pose as company agents or consultants and extract unauthorized fee from the candidates. If you pay some amount to some person or agency, we are not responsible for the same.